Sunday, August 17, 2008

Southern Idaho Huckleberry Crop Report


Peter Zimowsky, aka "ZIMO", an outdoor writer with the Idaho Statesman newspaper, had a great column in today's edition regarding huckleberry picking. He noted the better than average crop, after bumping into them along the upper Selway River country here in North Central Idaho.

After calling around, he got reports from a number of southwest Idaho picking areas and communities... worth a look if you live, or pick, in southwestern Idaho:

Idaho Statesman Huckleberry Picking Column

We are still getting some reports of mostly green berries, or just coming on, in the higher elevations of huckleberry habitat, e.g. above 5000 feet, in the northern half of Idaho. Reports at the lower elevations indicated the berries are wrinkling QUICKLY in the extreme heat, and are done or close to done, for this year.

Next edition... how does a huckleberry rake work with super small berries?


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