Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Dr. Huckleberry" 2008 Huckleberry Crop Forecast

This in from Dr. Dan Barney, University of Idaho extension horticulturist, aka Dr. Huckleberry!

I’ve managed to get into the high country a bit and the crops in northern Idaho look good so far. Fruit set was very good at all elevations I have been at and across a fairly wide area. I finished picking my crop at the Sandpoint R&E Center (2,000 feet elevation) on July 11. I noted pickers in the 3,000 foot elevation range last week and berries seem to be both abundant and quite large at that elevation. Higher up, the berries are still green but set abundantly and seem to be sizing up well.

We’re getting a little more moisture than last year, but it is still very dry and higher elevation berries are likely to be rather smaller than those lower down that are already ripe.

THANKS, Dr. Dan!

I am hearing reports from Montana as well, and hearing that the berries are coming on very fast now with the warm weather, and this first weekend of August should be incredible for recreationists out picking wild huckleberries!\

Good picking! We are up picking in the Clark Fork, Idaho area on Saturday, probably the Coeur d'Alene area the following weekend. I need 30 gallons for my next batch of Wild Huckleberry Toe Jam! (Under the Idaho Redneck label!)

All for today, look for our picking report on MONDAY!


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